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  Invention of Snooker
  The Origins
2008-07-06 11:07:34  

The Origin of Snooker - The Neville Chamberlain Story

The game of snooker was invented by Neville Chamberlain in 1875. Everyone knows that. Or to be more precise, this is today’s commonly accepted theory. But prior to 1938 there was an equally accepted theory that the game been introduced by a “Colonel Snooker” of the Royal Artillery. Then came the momentous day when Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain at last responded to the umpteenth letter speculating on the game’s origins and staked his own claim, which was published in The Field on 19th March 1938. This was apparently provoked by another claim in the same magazine, that the game had been invented at “The Shop”, a term used to describe the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich.

Did Chamberlain really invent the game of Snooker?

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