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2013-11-01 01:11:37  

 If anyone has a suggestion for inclusion in the news page for 2013 can they please contact Dan Lewis


We have had a number of Referees asking what has happened to their mebership cards for 2013 and apologise for the delay in sending these out.
I can now advise all that these are in handand will be issued shortly but we are currently working with an unmanned office and have had to deal with competition and other priority matters first.
John Rhodes Admin Director

Get Snookered Sponsorship
Our first 4 International Referees were presented with Polo Shirts as part of the sponsorship deal between EASB and "Get Snookered" at the European Championships in Latvia.

From left to Right:- Vic Hartley, Mike Billinge, Bob Williams and Steve Starkie.



It is with the deepest regret that we announce the death from Lung Cancer of Eric Hodgkinson
As many of you will know Eric was a stalwart of the Yorkshire Association for many years and a most respected Snooker Referee in England, Europe and the World
Following his retirement Eric has been living in Gozzo, Malta and it was here that passed away at 09.08 GMT on Friday 15th March 2013.
Should any of you wish to send your personal condolences, Eric's Wife, Brenda can be contacted at, Brenda Hodgkinson, Flat 1,17TRIQ IS-SUQ, Victoria, VCT1038, Gozzo, Malta.
Dan Lewis Director of Referees


Derek Budde is the Amateur games representative on the WSA Rules Committee and also one of Europe's representatives on the 'IBSF Referees and Rules Committee' and as such is in an ideal situation to get Resolution and Clarification on all such issues, which he has agreed to post in this section.
If you have a query that you would like Derek to get a resolution for please send it to him at d.budde@englishsnooker.com

Following the publication last year of a Referees best practice guide, a new addition to this document has been prepared to cover that area of refereeing -  "Calling" or "What Should I Say (And When Should I Say It)?
To access this new guide please scroll down this page to the section titled  Refereeing Best Practice and click on the link.  This will open the document in PDF format which you can download and print.

A new guide has been added to the best practice sries entitled 'Positioning' A Referees guide to positioning by Steve Fletcher.
We would like to thank Steve for all his hard work in producing this guide and for his kind permission in allowing us to re-print a copy on our website.
To download a copy of this very useful guide scroll down this page to the section titled  Refereeing Best Practice and click on the link.  This will open the document in PDF format which you can download and print.

Official Rules of Snooker and Billiards published by WPBSA (2011)

The new pocket sized rule book for Snooker and Billiards. containing all the revisions/ammendments as agreed by the World Snooker Rules panel. (Revisions effective 3rd May 2011.) is now availble to order through the on line webshop at a cost of £7.00 plus postage and packing.

In addition the new rule book also contains Rules for Alternative forms of Snooker covering "Snooker shoot out" and " A simplified form of Snooker" this version of the game can be played with any number of reds.


Membership Fees and Renewals
It appears that there is some confusion regarding membership fees and renewals, caused by the fact that you are in receipt of two cards, please read the following explanation - 
The EASB is the organisation that licences English Referees and grants your certification, it also requires all Referee members to renew annually; this renewal is due on the 1st January every year.
Out of your annual subscriptions, the EASB register all their members with the EBSA, which produces a Europe wide permit every two years.  This does not replace the EASB certification and is only valid so long as your National Governing Body certification/licence is fully up-to-date.
Any Referee, who is not a member of their "National Referees Association", is not permitted to perform at any International tournaments.   The EBSA and the IBSF state this clearly within their respective constitutions; it is also part of the IOC rules and regulations.
If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me on d.lewis@englishsnooker.com.


Director and Referee co-ordinator Snooker Midlands :- Dan Lewis
IT Administrator Referees - John Rhodes
Referee co-ordinator Snooker North - Steve Starkie

Referee co-ordinator Midlands - TBA
Referee co-ordinator Snooker South - Richard Bellamy
Referee co-ordinator Billiards - Clive Scott
All Rule Queries - IBSF & World Snooker Derek Budde, EBSA Dan Lewis & Steve Starkie.



The EASB are pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Budde to the WPBSA Rules Committee; in addition to this appointment Derek will continue to act as liaison between the EASB and the following bodies - WPBSA and the IBSF, Derek is also the liaison between the IBSF R&RC and EBSA R&RC. We all wish Derek good luck in his appointment and believe this will cement a stronger relationship between the Professional and Amateur sections of Snooker & Billiards, both in England and the International community.



Details can now be found HERE


A new personality profile outlining the achievments of Vera Selby, Referee Tutor North East can be found HERE 
Pensioner is snooker loopy. Vera Selby Referee Tutor for the North East has achieved a special award for retired people. Read the full story HERE

These have been combined into a single document which can be found HERE

By Dan Lewis Summer 2008

Seventy Intriguing facts about the game that you may never have known, from its earliest beginnings in India in the officer’s mess through the early days and on to the modern game that we know and love today.

To read or download this wonderful 4 page history click HERE

REFEREES – Newly qualified, upgrades, bereavements and other changes

To access this page, please click HERE

 Information for EASB Referees

  • How to become a referee
  • Referee scheme Detailed information about the EASB referee scheme
  • Referee Tutors and Examiners We are currently looking for suitable candidares for Examiner/Tutor positions in the Vacant areas.  Any referee interested should download a copy of the list to check the vacancies and then apply directly to D Lewis, Director of Referees.
  • Referees Structure
  • 20113 Renewal Pack Downloadable Renewal forms.
  • Expenses Claim Form
  • Merchandise Order Form

Guidance to referees

 Refereeing Best Practice

The guides have now been combined into a single multi-page guide which can be accessed by clicking HERE
"Calling" What Should I Say And When Should I Say It.  A new best practice Guide can be found HERE
"Positioning" A Referees Guide To Positioning, a new best practice Guide can be found HERE


New Rule Book:  is now available and can be purchased from the on-line shop for £7.00 plus packing and postage.

Forms for referees










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